Tag: National Theatre

  • Operatic vernacular

    Listening to the London Road recording reminds me not only how effective this production was but how the vernacular style of speech and singing is immediately engaging for me. I think back to my interest in the Aberfan disaster of the sixties and how hearing accounts of the event by those in the community was […]

  • Grief – Mike Leigh

    I am never deluded to think that when I watch a play that is in any way ‘real’ but conversely I want to be willed to believe. Full stop. I know they are actors, on a stage, but whatever happens during the play I want to be convinced and unquestioning of the play’s ‘reality’. I […]

  • London Road to Juniper Street

    It’s been a long few days writing songs for my musical theatre work. I’m starting to get a sense of it’s bigger shape but there is still some way to go. Initially I was fearful of what musical language I might use and I craved some kind of model for the work I would write. […]

  • Three plays in two days

    I enjoy being part of the National Theatre’s Young Patron scheme as there are regular emails to alert me to events that I might miss otherwise out of ignorance. I was really pleased to attend the second Double Feature in the Paintframe this week and see two very different yet intriguing plays. ‘Nightwatchman’ was a […]