Getting started on my first musical

I thought I would catch up with the rest of the world and start a blog. I am just starting to work on a musical for the school I teach at which is already proving an interesting experience since I am keen to write “tunes”; tunes that younger performers can actually sing. The first song ‘Try Harder’ has inspired some march like music. I am really keen to avoid ‘tonality’ mainly because I probably feel less secure about writing convincingly in this way. I think I have all the material for the this song – which includes solo and chorus parts – and just need to get the dots down. Starting work on it led me to discover the MMD website – – and made me think it might be worth getting some further advice on writing for young performers in this genre. Will see how it goes…

One response to “Getting started on my first musical”

  1. Good luck with this challenging project. Great you are potentially so versatile. I wonder if you have any models in mind. Westside story was probably pretty dazzling when first produced. Don’t you fancy an opera/musical – a la John Adams (well….it is tuneful enough…)?

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