Hanging baskets


I was genuinely thrilled to discover the rather mediocre hanging basket I had purchased – from a supermarket – some weeks ago had bloomed into something attractive. Well, nearly. It’s that exciting realisation of progress that I like. One can often miss it when focus is on an activity so regularly, such as practice. My own piano practice is warming up in preparation for the three weeks piano workshop in August. I worry that like the hanging basket my technique has mediocre origins. Now I have renewed hope that if the hanging basket can bloom with time so too can my playing.

Having studied for so long I find I go numb at where to start these days. There seems to be so much technical work that needs attention and I want to tackle it all. I think agility and strength might be the focus of the next few weeks – whip out Hanon and tackle the 31 again. Perhaps in different keys too. After all it’s a fitness thing, isn’t it? It is fine pooring out hearts out with musical intention but without the finer motor control acquired through carefully planned practice – appropriate exercises – one can never communicate musical intentions with clarity.

Back to the keyboard. Who would have thought hanging baskets could be so inspirational?

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