Juniper Dreams – Show week


Rather amazed how fast show week has appeared; costumes, set, lights, technical bits and orchestration all coming together. Challenges abound but they’re invigorating ones and tomorrow is the dress rehearsal so I’m looking forward to seeing how far it has come. Yesterday was the band call and it was exciting to hear the score come to life – played by my esteemed colleagues. They were incredibly patient dealing with my score and we accomplished something of real worth by the end of the afternoon. The balance between ensemble and cast worked well tonight in the technical rehearsal – though some underscore tweaks were necessary to refine some of the song entries. I’m so grateful to be working with such incredible musicians who can make these changes with little fuss.

Little time for rest before the dress rehearsal and then we go into two shows this week. Feels very weird rehearsing and performing my own music do much! So pleased and grateful I’ve worked with such a brilliant colleague, Deborah Gibbs, in bringing this musical to life. Without her energy and lyrics/books the music would never have come to life like it did. I can’t wait to conduct the shows and hope the performers give of their best both nights. They’ve worked so hard.


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