Feedback from last week


I’m yet to reflect on the writing process but Deborah and I are very grateful for the kind words parents, pupils and colleagues have shared with us about the musical.

“There were some really memorable songs, including the fugal facebok one, but most of all I enjoyed the really sophisticated harmonies and subtle timbres of your scoring, which were far more interesting than anything you get in the West End. Stravinsky seemed a prevailing spirit to my ear, and it really made for a wonderful evening, where two hours passed very swiftly.” (Parent)

“Congratulations to Deborah Gibbs and Steven Berryman for the amazing musical they produced yesterday evening. It was sheer magic to watch from start to finish and a hugely impressive achievement to have written the lyrics, composed the music and directed such a large cast. It is always a pleasure to see so many girls involved in a performance and you could clearly read on their faces the enjoyment they all felt from being on stage last night. I had an excellent evening and wanted to thank all those involved for their contributions to the wonderful entertainment.” (colleague)

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