The Animals and Children took to the Streets – NT

I am yet to be disappointed by a production at the National Theatre. Perhaps I’ve not seen enough! The Animals and Children took to the Streets was a unique and thrilling experience; animation, film, music and movement synchronised so virtuosically that I was engaged throughout. I am keen to look into 1927 further – their work must be brilliant if tonight is anything to go by.

The concept reminded me of Punch and Judy but all two-dimensional rather than the circus ring of Birtwistle’s opera. The music – perhaps limited in variety – was nothing but consistent and appropriate for the concept. The actors – a trio of women – had accents fitting of 1927 and moved with character and rhythmic flair. It felt like something akin to theatre of a different time yet imbued with the technology of the now. The artistry in the animation was exemplary. The performers engaged the audience in such a way that bordered on the sinister – particularly in being handed ‘Granny’s Gumdrops’ before the show. This experience felt unique – I would definitely see this again.

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