BBC Radio 3 to Premiere ‘Unknown’ Brahms

In an age when one might think we have discovered most of the treasures of the musical world – that there is nothing new to find – it is exciting to learn that musicologists still come across hidden delights. Conductor and musicologist Christopher Hogwood made an exciting discovery while looking through a music collection in the US – a short piano piece by the young Brahms. Written in 1853 when Brahms was 20, ‘Albumblatt’ shows the early workings of this great composer (and makes use of a theme found twelve years later in his Horn Trio, Op. 40). It will receive its premiere broadcast – the first recording made by the pianist Andras Schiff – on Saturday 21st January 2012 at 12.15 pm during Music Matters on BBC Radio 3. A video showing behind the scenes of the recording will be available on the BBC Radio 3 website after the broadcast.

“As the home of classical music, BBC Radio 3 is honoured to be the first to broadcast this rare work. I know that our millions of listeners will enjoy this exclusive premiere.”

Roger Wright, Controller of BBC Radio 3

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