Writing with Logic

I thought I would find it difficult receiving instantaneous feedback on what I write – via email – but I’m enjoying the process. My current work is music for a physical performance piece “Rubbish Body of Soul” working with Beo da Silva and Mauricio Carneirio. The work, just under thirty minutes long, will be performed as part of a festival in Rio this June. Lots of conversations with Mauricio have helped to grasp the intent of the work, and Beo has recently sent footage of a scratch performance, blocking out the piece in terms of the eight moments we had discussed. It seems unnatural to be writing for a physical performance after it has been created but at the same time completely right. Using SoundCloud I can upload the music for a particular moment and Beo is quick to comment and make suggestions. Like work on Juniper Dreams, we seem to have locked into creative synergy as a trio in terms of what the character, colour and intent of the music and piece should and will be.

It is important for me that the music sreflects the concept of the work not only with regards to the plot but the theme; recycling and rubbish inform my creative process not in the use of my own rejected bits of music but through the recycling of a particular passage of piano music (i wrote) I recorded at home. Through manipulation in Logic I able to transform the material and I hope I can create the entire work through manipulation of this one recording of piano.

It is exciting to be writing in such a different way for me, not producing a score but the actual performance, albeit a recorded one. I’m looking forward to doing some recordings of various locations around London to add to the sonic landscape; pedestrians, pigeons, traffic. There is so much aural rubbish out there, I’m keen to re-use it…

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