Repeating Music

Enjoyable and educational concert by the London Sinfonietta last night; an introduction to minimalism, combined with video design and curated with quotes and extracts of interviews from the three composers programmed. Phillip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley made a well paced programme which included some visually interesting pieces (Pendulum Music by Reich) and the violinist Jonathan Morton gave hypnotic performances of Violin Phase and Knee Play 2 (Reich). Clapping Music was rightly included, and the concert had opened with Philip Glass’ 1+1 for tabletop. It’s Gonna Rain (Reich) was fascinating to hear, beautifully joined by video, with a well paced, exciting performance of Terry Riley’s In C to complete the programme and performed by a larger ensemble.

This concert had plenty to offer those new and experienced to minimalism, and there was balance in this programme of music that was truly minimal in its musical material. Pendulum Music and It’s Gonna Rain were the most intriguing examples for me; leaving nature to dictate the pacing of how two or more sounds interact as the method of structuring a piece.

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