Teach Through Music

I’m excited to be joining the Fellows who will support the enrolled teachers on the Teach Through Music professional development programme commencing this autumn. One reads so many ‘sermons’ by academics about the virtues of music education but finally a programme exists that gives a voice to those who ensure music thrives in the classroom. Surely the most important people, that often aren’t heard enough. If the target intake of 150 (including the Fellows) is met there will be a fantastic community of practice established that I hope will have a life beyond the programme. Yes, there are websites and forums that allow teachers to engage but what we need is conversation; not rants and exchanges on forums of lofty and vacuous rhetoric. We need case studies that can celebrate the joys of success, whatever the extent or size of that success. I’m keen to meet lots of passionate teachers and equally keen to see what ideas will come my way through the Inspire events and Short Courses. London has a significant cultural offer and I look forward to seeing how the link with KS3 music teachers can develop to ensure all our pupils gain access to music of an exceptional quality. It is going to be a fantastic year of CPD! A final conference will bring together the best of the experiences of the year and I’m confident there will be a great deal to celebrate. 

Further information here http://www.sound-connections.org.uk/teach-through-music 

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