ROH Fanfare 2016

Fanfare 2016 webpages are now live! It was a pleasure to work with the Learning & Participation department to develop new resources for teachers and students. 

The webpages include:

  • Fanfare 2016 resource pack – this is an updated version from the one handed out at the CPD workshop (also attached as a PDF)
  • Fanfare motif bank – a selection of motifs teachers and students can listen to from our productions
  • Details on how to enter the Fanfare competition – including key dates and terms and conditions
  • Audio links to past winning fanfares

Please note that students are now asked to include use of at least TWO motifs from our Fanfare Motif Bank in their fanfares. 
Entries for Fanfare 2016 open on Tuesday 1 March and close on Friday 25 March.

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