Cultural Leadership Community

The Cultural Leadership Community run by A New Direction comes to a close 19 July. For my project, that I’ll be presenting that day to the rest of the group, will be the Music Day I instigated with the Museum of London when I joined City of London School for Girls. Now in its third year, it continues to be an authentically creative day – the whole year group work in teams (not in their usual forms, but jumbled up) to create music in response to a current exhibition. I had a really productive meeting last week finalising details for the Music Day on 15 June. Thanks to the useful mentoring session from Greg Klerkx (one of the facilitators on the Cultural Leadership Programme) I was armed with some useful changes I could make to the Music Day.

Looking forward to sharing my evaluation of the day after my talk in 19 June. Even before the 15 June when Year 7 will be making the short walk from CLSG to The Museum of London we will be planning the 2019 Music Day, and thanks to the influence of the Cultural Leadership Community programme I am keen to open up this day to involve students in other schools that form part of the family of schools in the City of London.

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