How does musical knowledge develop?

Post twenty-four in our (re)learning to teach music series. This is the second week responding to the tasks in Chris Philpotts’s chapter – the third in Learning to Teach Music in the Secondary School. This is week FIVE of the collaborative blogging. 

How does musical knowledge develop? For the ages below what is your intuitive sense of how musical knowledge, learning and engagement will manifest in young people? 

The post this evening was a collaboration – in that we all completed the same table. The following contributors took part today. 

  • Vaughan Fleischfresser @VFleischfresser
  • David House @House_dg
  • Ewan McIntosh @ETMcINTOSH
  • Steven Berryman @steven_berryman

The sorts of music they listen to?

The sorts of comments they might make about music?

What you might notice about their singing or other performances?

What their compositions will be like?

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