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  • Unbroken Line

    I love collaboration. I thrive on it I think, and it is always exciting to have that first meeting to discuss a new project. My next incidental music project is for a solo show by Jamie Zubairi, Unbroken Line, that will be premiered in Ovalhouse this December. What particularly grabs me by the project is […]

  • Dispelling or furthering myths?

    ‘Myths are of great significance to those in the music business and music education. Our thinking is guided by: the relationships and dynamics between artists, writers, and producers; those who market, deliver, and distribute music, such as the record companies and publishers; the consumers and fans of music, who ultimately pay for it all; and […]

  • Three days in Rio

    I can’t believe three days is up. I arrived in Rio 9.30 pm local time Friday and pretty much got to work on the Saturday helping with the final preparations and even devising and recording new material. Saturday ended with the first performance of work, a piece combining visuals, music, acting and movement exploring the […]

  • Composers in shackles?

    “A composer’s creation might seem like the embodiment of freedom: the author can call forth anything he wants from out of nowhere, give it the form he desires, think up a continuation for it which suits him, and finally, when he thinks the time is right, complete the piece’s development. Unlike, say, an architect, a […]