Three days in Rio

I can’t believe three days is up. I arrived in Rio 9.30 pm local time Friday and pretty much got to work on the Saturday helping with the final preparations and even devising and recording new material. Saturday ended with the first performance of work, a piece combining visuals, music, acting and movement exploring the concept of waste.

With not a great deal of information to go on before arriving, I was surprised how much bigger the festival was. The venue is beautiful – it used to be the National Bank of Brazil – and the ‘cube’ where our piece is performed is a great location as it catches people as they enter the building. The piece had developed significantly since our numerous telephone calls between London and Berlin and now included a male actor. The music was all used, but in a different order and had taken on a different meaning, which I particularly liked. We ended up devising a new moment of music – a song – which we rehearsed and recorded (on my iPhone) and added to the rest of the performance. Learning that Beo has worked on cabaret in Berlin that involved rapid development of performances (from scratch in a day!) explained how she was able to put this piece together with such rapidity and precision.

I was really pleased with the result. The installation looks beautiful, and the performance seems to be provocative and engaging. I’ll miss not seeing the rest of it but wish them all well for the rest of the festival.

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